Kahuna Principles for Self Healing with Gaylyn Aitken

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Start and End: 08/10/2017 - 12/10/2017
6:00 pm - 12:00 pm


Creating space in your body creates space in your life

Join me for five days at Te Moata in October for another of our Self Healing and Bodywork retreats.  Learn about the functional mechanics of your body and how you can improve your health both physical and psychological.

We’ll be spending our days resting, realigning and learning new ways to move to improve circulation of your fluids, oxygen, and electricity and giving and receiving bodywork.

Observe – Shift your attention to your inner realm while you’re constructively resting your body. Give yourself space and time to know your body.

Reset – Align your body then leave it alone; give your nervous system time to change from sympathetic (fight/flight/freeze) to parasympathetic (rest/digest/restore).

Move – Learn new ways to move. Using micro movements to extend your range of motion gently and effortlessly. The greater your range of motion the greater your energetic force.

Restore – Find out what movement patterns are creating tension and exhaustion and explore new ways to accomplish everyday activities. Once your body is moving as a family unit, balanced and aligned, the self healing intelligence of your body will be able to restore vitality, resilience and robust health.

Kahuna Bodywork.

Kahuna Bodywork is a style of bodywork designed to realign and reset the nervous system to improve circulation and communication between the body and mind, returning us to our natural human condition of balance and stability. This principle is beautifully put by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i the universe is an entity in motion and evolution is its angel.’

No massage experience is needed. All levels of flexibility and strength are accommodated. If you’re not interested in learning Kahuna Bodywork, that’s fine, you can enjoy the experience of having your body warmed and softened by the bodywork students.


Gaylyn has forty years experience studying and experimenting with human movement beginning with her own experience with gymnastics and Yoga then moving into a professional field performing and teaching massage and Kahuna Bodywork.  Her passion for learning new ways to improve the human condition is constantly expanding and is reflected in her classes and workshops. She believes we are all born with the DNA code for evolution and refuses to subscribe to the mass belief that aging is painful and ugly.  As long as we have breath in our body we have the ability to change and improve our human condition.

COST: $995 (Includes accommodation & meals).  Special diet charge applies.

TO REGISTER PLEASE CONTACT – info@kahunamist.com ph 61 7 54837699

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