Zen Shiatsu and Zen Yoga Winter Retreat

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Zen Shiatsu and Zen Yoga Winter Retreat


Start and End: 23/06/2017 - 25/06/2017
1:00 pm

The colder nights and days of winter encourage us to withdraw from some of life’s activities and seek the warmth within. Winter is a time to consolidate energy and focus and reflect on ourselves.

Over the weekend we will be practicing zen shiatsu, yoga and meditation with a focus on the water element which comes into play over winter. In the Oriental medical model the water element relates to our core foundations, governing our bones and nervous system, providing stability and our sense of self, our motivation, drive and willpower.

When we have a disturbance in our water element we develop lower back issues, hormonal imbalances, weight gain due to fluid retention, problems with our kidneys and bladder or reproductive organs. Anxiety is one of the most common issues and/or an inability to cope with stress in our daily life.

Over the course of the workshop we will collectively and individually address  our relationship to the water element, developing understanding and how we can improve our own water element with yogic corrective exercises, simple stress management techniques, meditation and diet.


The weekend will be facilitated by Nicola Godward experienced shiatsu practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher. For more info go to www.zenshiatsu-nz.net

Cost $400 – For more information and registration please go to www.zenshiatsu-nz.net

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