Te Moata is sustained through the Love and Care of People

Most Retreat Centres rely on help from people who care that they exist and prosper. Te Moata is no exception. Without the generosity and loving care of many people over the years, Te Moata would not be the beautiful nourishing place it is today and that support and care for the land and centre will be needed to sustain it into the future.

This land and the many buildings associated with the Retreat Centre are expensive to keep and need continual maintenance and repair. We have 4 people residing permanently at Te Moata who act in various roles to keep the centre going and retreats happening, also many volunteers passing through.
Your love, care and support is vital in keeping the centre going. This can be in the form of financial gifts, tangible gifts or gifts of time and skill. Many people express that in giving to Te Moata they receive so much more in return.


Become a 'Friend of Te Moata'

Become a ‘Friend

of Te Moata’