Service Teams

Each retreat at Te Moata has the support of a Service Team who carry out all those many tasks that make running of the retreat possible.  Team members are rostered to particular duties (cooking breakfast,  clean up after meals,  supporting our cooks in food preparation,  dishes, cleaning bathrooms etc) in a way that allows a generous amount of free time.Where the nature of the retreat allows it, the individual team members are able to join retreat sessions or spend time relaxing or enjoying being on the land. On a meditation retreat service team members are usually able to sit half of the retreat sessions. 

Those attending Meditation retreats do one hour a day of Karma yoga (quiet, mindful work) which supports the running of the retreat. The work load falls more on the service team on non-meditation retreats.

Our small staff team works on the principle “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!” and we apply that to our service teams. Being on a team is a positive experience, giving your energy as part of a harmonious team and benefitting from being in the lovely energy of Te Moata.