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Te Moata is both a sanctuary for people and a sanctuary for nature. Being at Te Moata offers opportunities for
reflection in a beautiful setting.

Te Moata welcomes the energy, enthusiasm and input of Wwoofers  (Willing workers on organic farms).

Although during the application process we may have already agreed on the length of your stay, we do still insist on a four-day mutual “trial period” when you get to know Te Moata and we get to know you. Wwoofers need to be able to work under direction and at times do simple, routine tasks.

Once we have had a chance to ascertain your interests and skill levels that can be a consideration in  the allocation of  both routine tasks and projects.

Wwoofers work under the  guidance of a staff member or experienced volunteer in the kitchen, housekeeping, gardens or bush. When retreats are on Wwoofers become part to the service team,

at retreat time we are very busy with a structured schedule. Between retreats the schedule is more relaxed and allows time to enjoy the quiet relaxation of the sanctuary that  is Te Moata. A working day is six hours long plus a one hour break. You will have two days off during your working week, these cannot always be together.

Te Moata has a vegetarian kitchen and the property is alcohol, drug and smoke free. As we do not have mains electricity (solar and gas) conservation of resources in very important.